The Kart 3

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NEW Season Stock Available

Part of the best selling Kart sytem the Kart 3 combines two of our most popular bags into one easy to use item; the Kart Zoom equipment bag and the rugged Kargo 60 roller

Featuring extensive design upgrades for the 2019 season the new Kart 3 is lighter, easier to use and can be wheeled and stood upright.

It features a new stronger fabric and new click together Fidlock locking system

The new Kart system is upgraded with the use of Fidlock magnetic snaps that easily locate and lock the various components in position. See the video below (showing complete system):


Black anodised G Clips provide quick and secure fixing to support the Fidlocks and give strength and stability. New production has been improved with an easier sliding fastener.
Webbing fixing points to allow the attachment of other compatible SnoKart bags.

Both bags feature a padded construction and a durable water resistant lining.
The new PFC free fabric is water-repellent and constructed to be stronger without adding extra weight

Both items can be used on their own or combined into one easy to wheel item of luggage.

Perfect for the ski weekender this sytem allows you to carry both equipment and clothes to the slopes.

All new models include upgraded padded handle construction that is both stronger and more comfortable.

Please note that the all new 2019 3rd generation model is NOT compatible with older 1st or 2nd generation Kart Systems. We do hold a small stock of 2nd generation model components for spares and upgrades, contact our customer services for more details.


  • Large Zoom ski roller for 2 pairs of skis & poles or 2 snowboards up to 190cm in length.
  • Secure protection for all your sports gear.
  • 60L Roller travel bag big enough for all your snow clothing.
  • Combine both components into a single protective unit for transport and transfers where you dont have a hand to spare. 
  • Can be upgraded to Kart 6 with addition of a Kargo 40 case.
  • Patented Fidlock snap closure locking system
  • Lockable zips.
  • Protective water resistant & padded construction.
  • Flexible options for checking in to take advantage of airline allowances.
  • Constructed to the highest standards and designed to carry a heavy load. 
  • Address window and ID card.
  • Smooth rolling wheels large enough to cope with snowy ground.
  • Designed to accept our Airliner Range (sold separately)


      132 litre max combination
      Ski/board bag: 92 litres
      Base: 40 litres


        Complete Kart 3: 165cm (Extending to max 190cm) x 42cm x 35cm
        Kart Zoom: 165cm (Extending to usable 190cm) x 42cm x 13cm
        Kargo 60: 80cm x 42cm x 20cm
        For 1 or 2 pairs of skis up to 180cm inc. poles or 1 pair skis and a board (inc. bindings)
        • or 1 board (inc. bindings) & secondary board/s


          Ski bag/ snowboard bag: 3.85kg 
          Wheelie Base: 3.9kg
          TOTAL: 7.75kg