Can't rate SnoKart range high enough!

I think I've got nearly everything you do for a skier and regularly bang on about it to others who often ask....
So much so I'm tempted to ask to go on the payroll!!!!  
The biggest plus is the fact everything's been designed by skiers for skiers so the kit has an appreciation of what it's like lugging your gear into the mountains.

Can't rate the snokart range high enough.... And happy to be quoted on that.



23rd March, 2017 



Having skied for many years I have been getting more and more frustrated by budget airlines charging exorbitant prices for baggage - indeed sometimes more than the actual ticket if you need to take your skis and boots.
Punitive weight allowances don’t help.

I found that SnoKart solves a lot of these problems.

Firstly I ordered the Kabin Boot Bag online and having size 11 boots I was somewhat sceptical about the size of the bag.
When it arrived, I was not only impressed by the high quality but also the room inside, easily taking my boots and some smaller items of gear, inside and around the boots.
I was even able to fit my MacBook in as well - and the whole thing easily passed the cabin baggage test of all the airlines.
Convenient pockets for passport, easy carry handles, wheels, shoulder straps make this one of the most versatile pieces of luggage I have ever seen.

So impressed was I with the Kabin Boot Bag that I immediately ordered a ski roller bag which although designed to carry two sets of skis also acts your suitcase.

I recently went skiing with just these two pieces of luggage. The Kabin Boot Bag as my “hand luggage” with my boots, laptop and numerous bits and prices in and around the boots.
In the ski roller bag, I had my skis, my helmets and other ski gear along with the usual casual stuff. Loads of room.

So, all I had to pay for was carriage of skis. No bulky hold luggage.
I could easily travel around airports with the Kabin Boot bag on my back and trailing the ski roller bag behind,


In my opinion, SnoKart provide the ultimate package for the skier and the quality is certainly the best I have seen from any manufacturer.
I would highly recommend their products.

Ski Instructor and Group Ski Organiser.

7th March, 2017


Loving my Kabin Boot Bag!

Never thought I'd fit my ginormous UK size 13 custom-made Strolz ski boots in!


10th February, 2015




Thank you so much for your understanding and help with this matter.

I really do like the case and am a person who hates to complain about things.

The design of the bag is brilliant and is perfect for the type of travelling I do.

Some if my colleagues are very interested in the case too so I will be recommending snokart to them.

Also I have been very impressed by your customer service. I am looking forward to using the new case with its added improvements.

Thank you again.


30th January, 2015



Thanks SnoKart ! 

Think I'm resolved on your product being able to fit within BA's length restriction and being able to fit in my car too



27th August, 2014


Boots and Helmet fit into Kabin Boot Bag!

Great feedback from one of our retailers:

I had a customer today who wanted a boot bag for travelling and we managed to get boots and helmet in your £85 Kabin Boot bag. It is really neat and the guy loved the design. I think that's another great selling point - boots and helmet!

13 November, 2013


A Full Set Of Airliners!

I have to say, I love all your airliners. We have ski boots, snowboard boots, ski's, and poles all protected by your airliners. Will have to do some more shopping now to protect a new snowboard bought for my daughters birthday. xx

8 November, 2013


Nice Tweet From a Happy Customer

"Just unpacked my 2ski roller bag. Very happy. Looking forward to snowy times, will defo buy other snokart bags!"

Many thanks to Tom for taking the trouble to send us this complimentary Tweet.

See it on our Twitter page here!

18 October, 2013


1st Impressions Are; Very Impressed!


Many thanks for your very swift posting of my new bag.

1st impressions are very impressed!  

I would definitely recommend you to everyone.

Thank you.


25 March, 2013


Helping my ageing knees!

Hi SnoKart,

I can only compliment you on your service. I ordered the bag I believe on Sunday. I received it on Tuesday.


Hopefully it will provide excellent service helping my ageing knees by being able to wheel the skis.



15 March, 2013


Thank you SnoKart

"Thank you SnoKart. My order of 15th Jan arrived safe and well on the 16th. Thanks, great service xx"


17 January, 2013


My husband loves it!

Thank you for the Kart which we received today.  My husband loves it so a big hit.  Thanks also for keeping me informed about the delivery and for the customer care.

Kind regards,


29 December, 2012


"Happily using and abusing my SnoKart Bags!"

I have been happily using and abusing my Snokart bags for about 18 months now and I thought I would send a bit of feedback.

I have the 170 Boardpack and Board Airliner. Both are great! The Board Pack is big enough for snowboard and clothes and easy and comfortable to carry.

I do abuse my bags! So its great that the Board Airliner is there to separate my snowboard from my clothes.... an excellent product!

Thank you for creating something that is a great system of products that work together. I am now trying to justify upgrading to the newer, Bedouin Board Bag....

Kind regards,


7 December, 2012


Taken your gear on six trips now.... Super Strong!

Taken your gear on about 6 trips now, all with punishing airline handling.

Not a zip broken or a tear anywhere. Super strong, thanks.

The boot/helmet bag is excellent - really well thought-out. I think it will get past most cabin-bag regs.

I think that all the kit is very, very solid indeed, and well made.

I'm impressed!

Thanks, Peter

3 December, 2012


Impressed with the bag's quality and design

I received delivery of the bag (Black Kart) today and I'm very impressed with the bag's quality and design! Will be a very useful bag for my season.

I am also very impressed with the customer service and the help you guys have supplied regarding the deadline I needed the bag by.  For those reasons thankyou very much and I'm thoroughly impressed with the product.

I hope to be purchasing your products again.

Many thanks


30 November, 2012


Outstanding Customer Service!

Your company certainly has outstanding customer service and I have absolutely no problem recommending Snokart to anyone. 

Thanks again!



25 September, 2012


Black Kart Review

SnoKart Black Kart review


My old Salomon Equipe 9e luggage (The pink/orange/silver kit) is falling apart, but it has survived almost 20 years and numerous trips.

One of the things that I always liked about it was the boot compartments at each end, meaning I only had to carry that, a rucksack and a skibag without having to faff about with an additional boot bag.  Looking for a replacement, I could only really find the Salomon Tanker 130 as an equivalent replacement but being £140 was a little off-putting as well as finding most places I checked didn't have it in stock.

I came across SnoKart and was quite taken by their Black Kart system.  This is a  modular system that gives 3 bags which can be connected together in varios ways to make life easier.  Two make up the hold-all, and a double ski-bag.  The two hold-all bags then strap onto the ski-bag, using the skis as the 'spine' to become a single, wheeled luggage item that makes life much easier getting to and from the airport/car/transfer coach.

The hold-all is certainly large enough for all my needs, but lacked the boot compartments that I liked.  This was solved, however, with SnoKart's Boot Airliner which are a couple of individual boot bags wich can clip together.  There's enough space that I can put the boots inside the holdall, and the airliner bags will protect the other contents if the boots are damp.

On paper, the SnoKart is let down by it's weight, at 9Kg in total for the holdall system and ski-bag.  If you're flying, you might have to check the airline's bagage allowances as this 9Kg is eating into a significant chunk of the allowance for some airlines.

That being said, the weight is there for good reason.  The zips, straps, wheels and fabric are all very robust and tough.  There's also ample padding in the outer shell to protect your kit.

At £200, it's certainly not cheap, but I can probably get rid of a few of my other bags and use this, either as a whole or individual components, for all sorts of trips.  When you add up the cost of a decent sized piece of hold-luggage and a wheeled ski-bag, it suddenly doesn't seem expensive at all, not least when it makes transporting your stuff around such a breeze.

Checkout the full review  and other interesting items on Kicking Tyres

31 May, 2012


Nice Design and Fab Material!

Hi SnoKart,

...got the kit and it is already stacked with gear and ready to go! Nice design and fab material.

All is cool and great to see someone at Director level taking an interest in their clients.



17 January, 2012


Great Job Guys.

Hello dear Snokart-Team!

I really like your collection! Especially the creation of this bag: The Kart. Great job guys!


21 September, 2011


I received my Snokart and it is awesome!

Hi Christian

I received my snokart and it is awesome, in fact I could be buried in it as I probably fit in the ski bag! I will take some pics of it in transit and in the snowy mountains in Australia and send them on.

Thanks again for the boot airliners.

Speak again


20 May, 2011


We recently bought some of your airliners for poles and were impressed..

Hi SnoKart,

We have actually decided to hold off until next season, when my other half buys new boots. We recently bought some of your airliners for poles and were impressed, which is why we thought of Snokart for a boot backpack. Do you have a mailing list for product news and offers? If so I'd be grateful if you could add my email address.

Kind regards,


1 April, 2011


Bag arrived today as promised. Very pleased with product

Hi SnoKart

Bag arrived today as promised. Very pleased with product.



21 February, 2011


Congratulations once again on a great website and a brilliant set of products

Hi Christian,

I have now placed an order for the bag and some ski raps through your website.

Congratulations once again on a great website and a brilliant set of products.

Thanks again,


4 January, 2011


We have all been very satisfied with the quality of the equipment

Dear SnoKart,

I have just sent the money through PayPal and looking forward for the Skiraps. We were in Zell am See-Kaprun a week ago and used the snokart boot and ski bags in our journey from Athens to Munich and on to Austria. We have all been very satisfied with the quality of the equipment as it made our lengthy trip much much easier!

Kind regards,


16 December, 2010


Hello SnoKart, fantastic products!

Thanks to Joe for his quick e mail:

Hello SnoKart,
Fantastic products!

Kind regards


10 December, 2010


One word: genius!

All received, present and correct.

One word: genius!

Fantastic product, cheers


11 October, 2010


Your service is great ( 3 days from order to receiving ) and the bag is brilliant

Hi SnoKart,

I recently ordered a board bag and liner and I would just like to say thank you, it isn't always done ( people prefer complaining in my experience ). Your service is great ( 3 days from order to receiving ) and the bag is brilliant. 

I will be recommending your stuff to anyone that will listen (and may in fact even buy my wife a couple of bits as well ).



6 October, 2010


I have received the bag today - thank you very much for dealing with the order so quickly


Just to let you know I have received the bag today. Thank you very much for dealing with the order so quickly.

Kind regards


16 December, 2009


By far the most innovative winter sports product I have had the pleasure of using in over 15 years.

Good morning,

I have received my 2 SkiRap'€™s. Thanks for the quick delivery.

Also, we have used the Snokart we bought last year and wanted to say thanks. This is by far the most innovative winter sports product I have had the pleasure of using in over 15 years.

All the best,


21 January, 2009