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Luggage solutions for year-round travel.

Kart System

The bag that started it all off, now in its 3rd generation, gives ultimate flexibility for a versatile piece of luggage that can be used all year round.


Travel solutions for Ski & Snowboard hardware and accessories.


Smooth-rolling, easy to manoeuvre luggage solutions.

If you've ever suffered ski holiday hauling hell, you need a SnoKart in your life. We tested the Kart 6 on a recent trip to the mountains and it's a game-changer.

I’d really recommend the Snokart and I’m seriously impressed. Regular skiers and seasonaires will get huge amounts of use from it and anyone else considering a ski trip could do worse than investing in a proper piece of luggage that is designed by skiers, for skiers.

I’ve been using SnoKart for years, the first time was on one of the "In The Snow" photoshoots in Zermatt. It carried all our kit around for a whole week and it was absolutely fantastic. From then on, I’ve been a fan.