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Our Story

Snokart was founded by a bunch of snow sport enthusiasts who experienced the challenges of getting ski and snowboard kit to and from the slopes every season

Tried to haul coffin bags down stairs? Tried cramming them into cars that are too small? Been turned back at airport check-in's for having boot bags that are too big€™ and charged for ski or snowboard bags that are too heavy? We'€™ve experienced different check-in rules for different people and different rules at different airports with different airlines! We'€™ve been there, done it and learnt. The result being that we wanted to make snowsport luggage better. So we discussed, developed, tested and designed the modular SnoKart luggage range. Easier to use, with more flexible options.
We designed a system of luggage that's made to help make that journey as stress free and economical as possible. Our range of ski bags, snowboard bags and boot bags are therefore easy to handle, pack and carry. They are manageable and versatile. They allow for convenient packing and trouble-free loading, that can help avoid some of the ever-changing airline surcharges that sometimes seem designed to make our journeys to winter resorts as difficult and expensive as possible.

For us the journey starts in the bedroom, garage or the loft, with the bringing together of kit and clothing for the impending adventure to the slopes. There's no point designing new products unless they are better than everything else on the market, so the formula was pretty straightforward - make it good, make it simple, make it functional and make it value for money.

These days balancing work, rest and play is a real challenge and we therefore dont need any unnecessary headaches. So at SnoKart we aim to help minimise the hassles that might hold you back from heading to the snow slopes. We'€™ve designed our SnoKart ski bags, snowboard bags and boot bags to improve your mobility, increase your convenience, reduce your travel costs and protect your gear. Ultimately we'd like to help you enjoy and relax on your journey to the slopes, escaping the rat race!

Lastly, we'd encourage you to test and evaluate our SnoKart bags and let us know what you think. We work closely with our factory and are always looking for ways to make things better. It's a team effort and your feedback is an important part of the process of making products that will ultimately help you: fast forward to the slopes€!

All the best from 

The SnoKart Team