Kart System

The Core of what we do.

The Kart System is made up of 3 core modules, the Kart Roller Zoom, the Cargo 60 Roller and the Kargo 40 Case. These are all practical bags in their own right but are designed to be combined to give easy to use solutions for longer trips.

The KART 6 uses all 3 modules and is our most versatile and most popular as it includes all the possible options

The Kart 3 combines the Kart and Kargo 60 and is perfect for shorter trips

The Kargo 100 combines the 2 Kargo modules into one big 100L roller for longer trips any time of the year

The 2019 range sees the launch of our new Click together system using magnetic Fidlocks, available at the end of October

Wonder what you can fit in a Kart 6? Check out the video....