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Posted by Christian Williams on
The SnoKart Koncept, created to make your journey to and from the slopes as easy and as economical as possible, the convenience of the cleverly conceived system helps the keen snow sports traveller pack and transport their equipment with the minimum of fuss, effort and cost.

The SnoKart range includes modular bags, allowing for the safe integration of equipment and clothing in component parts. This makes for easy loading into cars, taxis and buses, whilst keeping all items well protected. The modules can be quickly re-assembled into single luggage pieces at airport check-in, to help avoid airline surcharges.
Our signature bag, The Kart can offer up to five combinations, being as flexible as needs demand. It consists of a light holdall for quick weekends away, which can be combined with a wheelie to give added capacity. The ski/snowboard bag can be attached and removed as required. This means it's even suitable for summer holidays!

The AIRLINER sub-brand of unique lightweight lining bags isolates equipment from clothing. They compliment our modular outer bags (or indeed any other brand) and can be used as standalone storage or road trip pieces in their own right.

Imagine rushing for the evening flight home after a hard last day on the piste. There's nowhere to change and your boots and skis are wet. Using your SnoKart and AIRLINER bags you can quickly and easily pack your wet equipment, whilst keeping your dry clothes separate. Getting ready for the journey home is made as easy as possible.
SnoKart and AIRLINER bags are extremely durable, water resistant and light. Their patented design, practicality and cool styling makes them a must have for any avid snow sports traveller.

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