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SnoKart Proud to Support The Snowsport Foundation

Posted by Christian Williams on

The Snow Sports Foundation was set up to generate funds to promote and deliver individual snow sports coaching to adults and children with additional needs and rehabilitation challenges.

The benefits that this funding delivers are: 

  • The recognised improvement of a student’s social skills, such as concentration, fitness levels, listening, motivation, motor skills, self-confidence, social interaction and their ability to communicate.
  • The promotion of social inclusion for people with additional needs as, in most scenarios, they find it difficult to mix easily with others.
  • The education to families, as well as local and international communities, to fight the stigma associated with additional needs and disabilities.
  • The link with education and snow sports, resulting in increased social skills within a school environment.
  • Making the identification and management of additional needs by families a positive and beneficial experience.
  • The promotion of participation in a healthy recreation
  • The development of a student’s natural abilities in a physical and mentally-challenging sport.
  • A positive impact on people’s lives.

Children and adults with additional needs, such as ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Deafness, Dyspraxia, Visual Impairment, as well as all forms of rehabilitation challenges, have been experiencing dramatic results.

This has been seen not just in their ability to ski or snow board, but in their social and life skills, such as improved self-confidence, concentration, social interaction, motor skills, fitness levels, motivation, and listening skills.

Check out their website here


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