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Jamie and his jet powered snowboard !?

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Jamie Barrow, Britain’s fastest snowboarder, claims two world records in one day

On the 22nd January 2014 Jamie Barrow, Britain’s fastest snowboarder, claimed two world records in one day for the fastest speed on a snowboard while being propelled by electric jet engines and the fastest speed for a snowboard towed by a vehicle.

Set on the picturesque frozen lake at St. Moritz, Jamie hit an impressive 80.63 Kph, propelled by electric jet engines. Following this, he then set the speed record for being towed by a car, reaching 111.80 Kph.

The jet engine record attempt was carefully planned for months after Jamie was contacted by Adam Contoret from DreamScience, the inventor of the jet engines. Adam had seen videos of Jamie’s previous speed records and thought Jamie would be the ideal person to test the jet engines out to their full potential.

Speaking after setting the jet engine record, Jamie commented “I’m really happy with how it went; we were aiming to hit 80 kmph with the Jet Pack so it was great to achieve that. We have spent months planning this attempt and everything was perfect on the day. The weather was very cold but clear first thing in the morning,  which helps as it makes the snow faster and keeps the jet engines cool .”

Adam Contoret, director of DreamScience and the inventor of the Jet Engines, commented “When I first came up with the idea for the jets I knew Jamie would be perfect for testing it out and we had to find out how fast someone could go with them. There are still further developments that I can do to improve them moving forward and they can then be used for other sports. Perhaps we could even start a new sport” 

While waiting for the electric jet engine batteries to recharge, Jamie mentioned that there was a world record for being towed by a vehicle. Christiano Luminati, head of pisting in St. Moritz, said he had a Mitsibushi Evo that he could use to tow Jamie with.  Within a few minutes, they had tied a rope to the back of the car and gave it a go. Jamie reached a top speed of 111.8 Kph on the first and only run.

Jamie joined the British Snowboard Cross Team at the age of 15 and competed on the FIS and Europa Cup circuit. He was British Youth Snowboard Cross Champion 2008, and after stepping up in age level, won the British Junior Snowboard Cross Championships in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2011 Jamie also won the British Universities Indoor Snowboard Championships and in 2012 he graduated from the University of Bath with a B.Sc. in Sports Performance. After injury forced Jamie to drop out of the running for Sochi 2014 he set his sights on breaking records and recently became Britain’s Fastest Snowboarder by reaching a speed of 151.6kph (94.2mph).  The 2013/2014 season will see Jamie continue to focus on pushing the limits of speed snowboarding with a host of stunts and new records planned.

Arron Duddin, Co-Founder of Delazify and one of Jamie’s sponsors said “We are delighted to be working with Jamie and when he first floated the idea of him being strapped to a Jet Engine to go snowboarding I had to be involved.  As Britain’s fastest snowboarder he was the perfect person for the challenge and it was the most extreme test for our new Yeti GPS Snowsprts Wristop.”

Here's Jamie packing his gear up!

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