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Jamie Barrow Sets New World Record!

Posted by Christian Williams on

Jamie chose to attempt it at SnowWorld as it is the world’s biggest indoor snowdome with a 520 meter long slope.

Jeroen Heutz, the Event Manager at SnowWorld, said “It’s great to have Jamie setting the record here, we’re very proud of him and we’ll see what the future brings.”

Afterwards Jamie said, “I’m really happy with the result and the opportunity to both train and set another record.”

“This has given me even more confidence to push my limits and hopefully set more speed records in the future.”

He added, “I hope this record will encourage others to attempt to beat it and go even faster. Without competition the sport wouldn’t be where it is at the moment.”

For more on this story have a look at Jamie's video here,

Note that all the pics and also the vid. were put together by: Jon Williams
Good job!

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