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Ski and Snowboard Boot Bags Added To Our Range

Posted by Christian Williams on

Skiers will buy ski boots and snowboarders will buy snowboard boots as soon as they have got over the early learning and hire boot experience. There is nothing nicer, more pleasant and comfy than owning your own ski boots or snowboard boots! Of course, once you have these, you'll need to get a ski boot bag or snowboard boot bag in which to put them.

At SnoKart, we have tried to offer ski boot bags and snowboard boot bags that are versatile, functional and practical. SnoKart being SnoKart, we have also tried to design bags that are multi-functional. Our brand new Kabin Boot Bag is therefore a wheelie ski boot bag (or wheelie snowboard boot bag) that also converts into a back pack! A true trolley / wheeled boot bag for snowsports!

Our best selling Urban Boot Bag is really a messenger bag that works for ski or snowboard boots! Use it as a boot bag when going skiing or snowboarding and then use it for work for the rest of the year.

Another best seller is our Boot & Helmet Pack which is one of very few boot bags that can also hold your helmet and gloves and other accessories.

Lastly but not least, our Boot Airliner is designed to be used with all ski boot bags and snowboard boot bags. These unique boot bags isolate your wet, grubby ski boots and snowboard boots from other luggage items. They also make it really easy to carry your boots around in resort or to and from your local ski, snowboard slope.

So, we hope that you like our range of ski boot bags and snowboard boot bags and find something that suits your needs.

Boot bags for skiing?
Boot bags for snowboarding...

Fast Forward to the Slopes!

As we say here at SnoKart!

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