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A short background to another one of our great photos

Posted by Christian Williams on

Did you spot the fantastic picture that we've used as our snowboard banner?

If not, then here it is again, in its uncropped format.

This photo was taken by top snowboard snapper Vanessa Andrieux and here is what she had to say about it;

"This pic was shot in Japan in Asahidake, a great resort in the Hokkaido region.

Valerian Ducourtil is the great rider and he's always motivated to ride anything and everything, that the terrain throws at him!

The conditions were fantastic and so we were chasing around for as many great spots that we could possibly find. So much so that when we realised we were lost,  we had to hike for 2 hours in about 3 meters of snow to finally find our way out of the forest!

But it was worth it!"

Check out more of Vanessa's work here.

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