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Ellie Koyander Summarises Her Winter Season

Posted by Simon Hemington on

It has been an extraordinary season this!

My skiing has really developed and been the best it’s ever been, with a number of major breakthroughs throughout.  

Every World Cup race was an opportunity to qualify for the Sochi Olympics (next February 2014).

My coaches and I did however have to make a tough decision about leaving out some Olympic Qualification World Cups competitions, due to the huge costs of competing. I nevertheless skied fast and jumped big at all my events, constantly pulling in personal bests!

Even as an Olympian I have had to self-fund my programme towards Sochi, but I finished the season having met all the IOC Olympic and BOA's qualification criteria. This came in the single run of the dual moguls event at the World Championships in Voss, Norway.

There’s always a competition within a competition and my aim for next season is to now ensure that I do continue to stay in the World's top 30.

This, so that when the qualification window closes two weeks before the games next season and the complicated task of figuring out all the nations quotas is complete, I am in and invited to go!

For the meantime, I’ve now begun the final year of my 4 year Olympic programme and am working hard on my training, building on last winter's big gains. Im off to the USA in a couple of weeks to pick up where I left off!

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